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nowhere zen missouri

24th February, 2005. 5:39 pm. The Brat in Bratislava


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20th February, 2005. 5:53 pm. just something to share

"When the light appears" Allen Ginsberg

You'll bare your bones you'll grow you'll pray you'll only know
When the light appears, boy, when the light appears
You'll sing & you'll love you'll praise blue heavens above
When the light appears, boy, when the light appears
You'll whimper & you'll cry you'll get yourself sick and sigh
You'll sleep & you'll dream you'll only know what you mean
When the light appears, boy, when the light appears
You'll come & you'll go, you'll wander to and fro
You'll go home in despair you'll wonder why'd you care
You'll stammer & you'll lie you'll ask everybody why
You'll cough and you'll pout you'll kick your toe with gout
You'll jump you'll shout you'll knock you're friends about
You'll bawl and you'll deny & announce your eyes are dry
You'll roll and you'll rock you'll show your big hard cock
You'll love and you'll grieve & one day you'll come believe
As you whistle & you smile the lord made you worthwhile
You'll preach and you'll glide on the pulpit in your pride
Sneak & slide across the stage like a river in high tide
You'll come fast or come on slow just the same you'll never know
When the light appears, boy, when the light appears


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16th August, 2004. 12:23 am. Rally Review

Soon to be VP John Edwards spoke to 10,000 people tonight at SMS --1500 more than the Bush event the other day! Perfect, beautiful night for a rally. The show kicked off about 6pm with a kick-ass knee-slappin yee-haw set by BIG Smith. Everyone was there. Yasmin, Mandy, Berneta, Heather, Toni(sp?), Angi, Trent and several familiar faces from the Spfld protest circuit--the 'PP' chicks, TeamstersIUPATsSEIUs, various queers, a few professors.

Then local/state Dems took the stage, did their shpiels and appeals for votes w/ Presiding Commish Dave Coonrod <<lol> mc'ing.

About 8:30 Edwards finally took the stage. Only bad thing about the whole program is he kept us waiting for ever. But it was very much worth the wait. Man, the vibe was aliiive. People clappin and shoutin soo you'd think the Holy Ghost had swept thru. Like a rock concert. They did in fact play some great tunes between 'sets'. REM, CCR, INXS, Rolling Stones.

But anyway, if you've not had the privilege of seeing Sen. Edwards speak, boy yr missing out. I like to say he's got the compassion of Carter & the charisma of Clinton. I'm no authority on oratory but i do believe he's got the gift of gab. Being a former whoop-ass attorney, I think he's going to smash Cheney in the debates-->can't wait.

Night ended in a giddy-up spring-in-step mood, happily lost in the crowd, lookin for my mates & hitching a ride home from a sweet girl. Good times had by all, I hope. And to all a good night.

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6th August, 2004. 9:06 am. Night Rider

Like a bat i swooped thru the woods on my bike this morning-- as in like 2-5am. It was great. Just like Forest Gump, I just felt like riding. And once i got past campus, I thought i'll just go downtown. Once i got there i pretty much decided to finally explore some Springfield greenways. So i hit the darkened trail (illegal at night) and ended up at what i think is Wilson's Creek area(?). Saw the power plant which looks like an alien colony or something. Saw some sort of 4legged critters scurry cross the trail, but my surroundings were mostly blotted out by the dark. So i tuned in to the sounds of the wild. Crickets, wind and rustling things. They say being in nature heightens your senses. Well on the way back my nose came alive. Driving past Ziggies the smell of sizzzling bacon was oh so distinct. And i swear i smelled Krispy Kreme from Jordan Valley park.

At a park along the way i stopped by the pond and awakened the sleeping ducks. they went quackers and jumped in the water. it was funny. but this hen-duck stayed put,her wings splayed out over her young'uns. so i reached out to pet her but she fled along with the babies. gave up & tried to sleep on the park bench. but it was too cold. i wanted, was grasping for a special meditative-type moment under the moon & stars. there i was, perfect time & place. nothing happened. goes to show you gotta keep truckin, don't slow down. anyway, i think there was some 'renewal' gained by that midnight ride. quite an excursion it was.

this is so long.

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30th July, 2004. 1:44 pm. Protest Summary

pResident Bush kicked off a 2-day 4-state campaign swing today in Springfied & I was there -- on the other side of the motorcade,of course. The festivities began about 8am outside Hammons Field with contingents of Teamsters, peaceniks, gays, and misc. pissed off folk, young and old, coming together for a common cause.

The passion and cammaraderie were palpable, as we were pushed further and further from the stadium, per Secret Service orders. Some stood their ground, however, and were hauled off to the paddywagon. Once relegated across the street to the park, I took a moment away from the frontline to admire the creativity and energy on display. Personally, I borrowed someone's Texas flag, turned the Lone Star pointy-end down, wrapped it 'round my waist & made a fine skirt. "Nothin' but steers 'n queers" in Texass anyway, right? Other notable expressiveness:

*A Lady Liberty  *"My daddy can beat up your daddy" scrawled across a cardboard cutout of W. *An acquaintance of mine, recently laid-off, carrying a sign: "We want jobs--not Prozac" *"2 pissed bitches" w/ arrow pointing to woman and her cute 'lil dog *"Rot in hell murderous bastard" by some radical chicks

Such clever individuals. Wish I could say the same for the Bushfans. All they tossed at us was a sheepish slogan "4 more years," demands to go to church(seriously), middle fingers, & general hatefulness.

But at some points I felt slight pangs of doubt. There I was, holding a sign & shouting at folks -- good folks, just mislead. The theme in Kerry's campaign should be unity. Were we being uniters or dividers? Indeed, were our actions counterproductive? Either way, we had our say & that's what it's all about. Freedom, friend. Next step: stop yelling at people & start talking with them. It's gonna take a lot of people power to stop Bush, but I believe we can. In the 97-days till the election, act as if your future, your freedom depended on it -- because it does.

Current mood: hopeful.

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3rd July, 2004. 10:32 am. A Star is Born

There's a new tennis chick.

First there was the svelte, sexy Martina Hingis who stole my heart & a Wimbledon championship at the tender age of 17. Then came the Williams sistas. Then Anna Kournikova. And Yasmin.

Now 17 year old newcomer Maria Sharapova just beat 2-time defending champ Serena Williams in straight sets in the finals at Wimbledon. The 6'1" Russian stunner played a phenomenal match, well worth dragging my ass outta bed at 8am to watch.

Most impressive, however, was not the poise, grace, or prowess of these queens of the court. Williams and Sharapova embody the American dream. On one side there's Serena. She rose from the ghetto to domninate in a sport all but ignored by black America.

And Maria, whose family arrived in this country with $700 and not a word of English. Born in Belarus, her family fled the Chernobyl disaster in '86. Coming to America, she had the opportunity to pursue her dream, without bounds, without limits.

So there are still heroes, real role models in the world of sports. People still beat the odds, set their goals, and strive to be the best. Let that be a lesson to us all.

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25th June, 2004. 3:33 pm. rendezvous

back from my long livejournal hiatus. & have i got lots to say. First the news:

Here 'comes' the judge

SAPULPA,OK(my hometown) - JUNE 24--While seated on the bench, an Oklahoma judge used a male enhancement pump, shaved and oiled his nether region, and pleasured himself, state officials charged yesterday in a petition to remove the jurist. <<Read more of the "Featured Document" at www.thesmokinggun.com and www.sapulpadailyherald.com >

The 'honorable' Judge Donald Thompson, 57, was a classmate of my dad's in HS. I graduated with his son Garrett, an asshole. like father like son i guess.. interestingly, Lisa Foster, the court clerk who 1st observed the indecency bought our old house. Nice family, a few kids, big huge yard that i miss. In the petition you can see her name & my old address, which is sort of a trip.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' opens today. Question: Under the McCain-Feingold campaign finance laws, should the Federal Election Committee ban ads for the film after the July 31st deadline for campaign contributions? Afterall, the stated mission of the film is to turn people against Bush. It is ironic that progressive endeavors like moveon.org & 'F9/11' have been most successful in skirting the new laws designed to stop rich, corporate donors. Is what's good for the goose good for the gander, Mr. Moore?

Cheney dropps 'F-bomb' in discussion with Sen. Pat Leahy yesterday on Capitol Hill. Source: http://news.myway.com/top/article/id/411298|top|06-24-2004::18:30|reuters.html

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11th May, 2004. 1:56 am. News.

Pentagon possesses three disks of photos, one of which includes a photo of soldiers sodomizing prisoners with glow sticks... Many of the photos are redundant, and some have little to do with Iraqi detainees but show sex between U.S. soldiers... Pentagon officials prevailed at least temporarily in their insistence that the administration not immediately release the images, which include the forced masturbation of a detainee... (Source:drudgereport.com)

Shameful behavior. Gross incompetence. We can debate the merits of torture, but don't let cameras in the torture chamber. For God's sake. And this is just major mistreatment. Abuse. But is torture ever justified? In warfare, information saves lives. Why not force that info out of a prisoner to save American lives?

Donald Rumsfeld MUST Resign http://www.johnkerry.com/petition/rumsfeld.php   Fire the bastard.

OPEC says high oil price could last all summer...http://news.ft.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=FT.com/StoryFT/FullStory&c=StoryFT&cid=1083180398550&p=1012571727085

New Bush space speech planned... http://www.upi.com/view.cfm?StoryID=20040510-125812-6719r      Pipedreams. Let's not nationalize space, Mr. Bush. Let's solve Earth problems.


"Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed
Here today, forgot tomorrow
Ooh, here besides the news of holy war and holy need
Ours is just a little sorrowed talk"
Duran Duran "Ordinary World"

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11th May, 2004. 1:43 am. Update.

It's my grand return..yay. So i've not wanted to write in this at all.. nothing to say, really. no one reads this anyway.

Below is part of my application for the paper. got that job.<yes!> But was turned down for the library gig i applied for<damnit>

so that's that. go rent "the triplets of belleville"

Current mood: apathetic.

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19th April, 2004. 3:33 pm.

From my 'Mirror' application:

My name is Patrick Proctor and I love Drury University. So much so that I would marry it -- unless that would be gay. Just kidding. But I figure the next best thing would be writing about it every week as editor of the opinion page.
Imagine, if you will, a weekly slice-of-college life column full of wit and feeling for my future alma mater. Almost like a love letter, if you will. If you will let me, that’s just what I’ll deliver.
But I understand there is a whole ‘nother world outside the learned confines of this beautiful campus. That’s why I feel ready and able to cast my critical eye on crooked politicians, stupid celebrities, and anyone else worthy of suffering my literary wrath. My experience as a political science major would enable me to make especially informed, responsible critiques of current policy and policymakers. However, soapbox/diatribe will always take a backseat to humor and truth. They ride shotgun.
As you can imagine, I’m just full of valuable insights and viewpoints. Afterall, I was opinions editor of my high school paper – for two years. There is, however, lots of open space on the opinion page that I just can’t fill up by myself. Therefore, I would like to see more student/faculty/staff involvement in the form of editorials and LTEs (I even know the acronyms.) When and if I am editor, I will do my best to encourage that.
Responsible. Dedicated. Goofball. Those are just a few words to describe my personality and level of professionalism that I would bring to The Mirror staff.

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